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Pope Francis and a velociraptor walk into a bar . . .

I’m disappointed by the lukewarm reviews for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, because I think Jurassic World is one of 2015’s two best encapsulations of the themes of Laudato Si. No, really! In case you’re not the type to cite papal … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Story, or a Situation?

Last time, I said that I would write about the best writing advice I’ve ever received. By this, I mean “writing advice that I actually heard in person,” not “writing advice that I read in a book” (although if you … Continue reading

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The Narrative Fork in the Road

The Golden Egg Academy is currently running a month-long hashtag conversation about kidlit. It’s tremendous fun, and you don’t have to be affiliated with the GEA to participate (I hadn’t heard of them before I saw people liking and retweeting … Continue reading

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