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When You Can’t Write Every Day

I recently reread On Writing by Stephen King. I owe this book a tremendous debt; not only did it give me a treasure trove of writing gems that have stuck with me since the first reading (“Don’t say you can’t … Continue reading

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It’s . . . been a minute, hasn’t it?

So. You know what cuts into blogging time? Babies. Babies cut into blogging time. Even when they’re adorable little babies who can be posed to look like Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. I mean, I’m very protective of my kids’ … Continue reading

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Interview with Jenna Grodzicki!

My agency sister at Storm Literary, Jenna Grodzicki, recently interviewed me for her blog! It was a lot of fun talking about Mother Ghost, coffee, picture books, and the major area where I fail as a Halloween enthusiast.

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. . . and now it’s in stock!

Thank you so much to everyone who waited patiently while supply caught up with demand! Mother Ghost is officially in stock at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Target, and more! For my fellow Baltimore/Washington area residents, I’m hoping to hold a book … Continue reading

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We came home from our annual trip to Ocean City today . . . and there was a giant box on our doorstep. A box full of author copies.  AHHHHHHH! There was also apparently a HUGE rush in pre-orders, which … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and a velociraptor walk into a bar . . .

I’m disappointed by the lukewarm reviews for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, because I think Jurassic World is one of 2015’s two best encapsulations of the themes of Laudato Si. No, really! In case you’re not the type to cite papal … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Story, or a Situation?

Last time, I said that I would write about the best writing advice I’ve ever received. By this, I mean “writing advice that I actually heard in person,” not “writing advice that I read in a book” (although if you … Continue reading

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The Narrative Fork in the Road

The Golden Egg Academy is currently running a month-long hashtag conversation about kidlit. It’s tremendous fun, and you don’t have to be affiliated with the GEA to participate (I hadn’t heard of them before I saw people liking and retweeting … Continue reading

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Lessons From Elementary School Career Day, 2018 Edition

Two weeks ago, I wrote about what went right and wrong with my son’s elementary school career day last year. After participating again this year–this time with a shiny new PowerPoint, plus actual cover art and interior illustrations to show … Continue reading

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Lessons From Elementary School Career Day, 2017 Edition

I’m still up to my eyeballs in getting this site back where it was, getting a PowerPoint ready for career day at my son’s school, preparing for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and–oh, yeah!–doing the last round of revisions on the novel. … Continue reading

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