We came home from our annual trip to Ocean City today . . . and there was a giant box on our doorstep.

A box full of author copies. 


A very happy author holding her copy of Mother Ghost

There was also apparently a HUGE rush in pre-orders, which is AWESOME. Thank you all so much–I’m in awe of how much support you’ve given for this book, and for how many other people out there have Halloween-loving little monsters (or are Halloween-loving little monsters at heart!).

The flip side of this is that demand has outstripped supply for a couple weeks, which you probably already know if you preordered. The books are ready to go and absolutely gorgeous, but they’ll be getting there closer to August 15th than July 15th. That’s still plenty of time before Halloween, though, and I can officially say that when you get it, it’ll be worth the wait. The illustrations look even better in person than on the electronic proof, which is saying a lot.

Thank you all so much again! This has been one heck of a journey, and I still can’t believe there’s a book out there with my name on it.

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