Hello! I’ve moved!

Various web hosting issues with both Weebly and HostGator have forced me to remake my website from the ground up.

The short version: Weebly essentially forces you to sign a contract with them in blood, so all of my old Weebly content has vanished into the ether.

The longer version: HostGator stopped supporting Weebly without warning, and Weebly is so proprietary that they wouldn’t let me transfer my content over to another sitebuilder. I assumed that my options were a) find a new host that still supported Weebly in order to access my old Weebly content, or b) rebuild my site from scratch on one of HostGator’s other tools. I was too irritated at HostGator to stay with them–I’d actually been thinking about switching to WordPress for a while and would gladly have copy-pasted my content over to a Gator-hosted WordPress page if HostGator had given me a month or so to prepare. They didn’t, and I don’t know when they’re going to pull something like that again, so adieu, HostGator.

It turns out, however, that Weebly won’t even let you transfer your content over to a new Weebly page. Even if the domain is the same. I could keep my website frozen in amber for all eternity, but if I wanted to update the poor girl, I needed to rebuild her from scratch. Thanks for nothing, Weebly, and adieu to you as well

So! Please pardon my dust as I work on getting this shiny new non-HostGator, non-Weebly page up to snuff. I will put my old blog posts back up on this blog–I worked hard on those and am proud of them. I’ll also get the contact form back, put up the previews for my short stories, and all that other good stuff. But it’s going to take some time, so please be patient.

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