With the new season of Game of Thrones upon us, I thought  I'd dust off the drinking game I made the last time I reread the books. Spoiler-free.

Take a drink every time . . .

. . .  a new character is named.

. . .  a named character dies.

--If it's the significant other of a viewpoint character, drink twice.

--If they come back from the dead, as a wight or otherwise, drink twice.

--If it's a viewpoint character, finish the bottle. (Prologue viewpoint characters don't count. That's just a given.)

. . .  a new incestuous couple is mentioned.

. . .  there's a sex scene.

--If it involves Dany or Cersei, drink twice.

--If the phrase "she was sopping wet down there" appears, drink twice.

--If it gives you a hint as to one of GRRM's fetishes (like lesbianism or lactation) drink twice.

. . . a nipple is pinched, tweaked or twisted.

--If it actually happens in a sex scene, drink twice.

. . . a course in a feast is lovingly described.

--If the course is lemon cakes, ribs in a crust of garlic and herbs, mashed turnips with butter, cheese and olives, lamprey pie or a Dornish red, drink twice.

. . . one of the following phrases is uttered:

--"Abominations born of incest."

--"It is known."

--"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

--"Winter is coming."

--"I want to see/make him/the bad man fly."

--"The night is dark and full of terrors."

--"Sweet sister"/"Sweet brother."

--"Wolfskin cloak."

. . . Arya picks up a new pseudonym.

. . . we're reminded that a long summer means a long winter.

. . . Cersei incorrectly thinks of something as exactly what her father would do.

. . . the direwolves howl. And howl. And howl some more. 

.  . . ravens deliver information at the speed of Twitter.

. . . you want to punch Bran, Catelyn or Arianne in the face.

Did I miss anything?



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